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A simple approach to a hassle free bookkeeping and reporting solution.

Are you struggling to find a simple and easy way of tracking and reporting on your business/project income and expenses? Are you using a Microsoft Excel cashbook, but have to keep opening new tabs for each month and, or business/project? Do you know how to create an analyzed cashbook in Excel, or are you simply lifting the formats of the manual analyzed cashbook and recreating the same in Excel? Is Analyzing data in your existing Excel cashbooks becoming “HELL”, needing several days to come up with a simple report that would have taken seconds?

We have developed this two-day course to equip participants with the best approaches to how they can create an Excel cashbook that serves more than simply giving you the available cash balance at a certain date. This simple approach effectively tracks and reports on your business/project incomes and expenses, enables you to generate various reports based on the data captured in the cashbook, and allows you to drill down to source data without additional effort.

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The Financial year is coming to an end, and it will be crunch time for most accountants. How well are you able to exploit the power of Microsoft Excel in your accounting or financial reporting role? Do you dread month end and year end because of the financial reporting hassle? Join us this June 14th to 15th and put your fears to rest. This Financial Reporting with Excel course has been designed to give participants a cost effective, flexible, and powerful solution to their organizations financial reporting needs. This course resolves many financial reporting challenges faced in various organizations by offering participants the flexibility and ease of creating their own solutions without the need of a large and costly system implementation.  Follow this link to Download details; FINANCIAL REPORTING WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL 2017



This course is designed to build accountants awareness of the commonly utilized, yet powerful, functionality of Excel while revealing advanced capabilities that are seldom used. We have integrated basic and advanced Microsoft Excel features and customized the course content to accounting to ensure accountants get maximum benefit and be able to simplify their tasks as well as increase their productivity at work.

Microsoft Excel Tools and Formulas for accountants

Financial Modeling Services and Training

At DATAHOUSE Business Solutions we combine our unique competences in Accounting and Microsoft Excel to  to develop tailored solutions for our clients including;

  1. 1-30 year financial statement projections for investors in different business sectors industry
  2. Rent or build for own use decision models
  3. Financial Reporting Templates to ease your monthly and year end financial reporting process (Including the notes to the accounts and other relevant schedules)
  4. Activity Based Budgeting models with clear links to your strategic plan.
  5. Payroll Models with various levels of analysis
  6. Fixed Asset Register with depreciation
  7. Stock/Inventory management model
  8. Product profitability analysis
  9. linked electronic audit working papers
  10. And so many others depending on your business needs

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